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UP3D-Diny 的最新活動
  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    How to start the UPCAD?

      Download the installation.

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    MILLMIND-User Guide

      Let's see the video!

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    UP600 User Manual

      1. Safety Guidelines 1.1 Intended Use The product is intended for obtaining digital impressions of teeth, gums, mucosa, and other soft and hard tissues inside the oral cavity for dental restor...

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,


    使用手册 口腔数字印模仪 UP600           

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    Virtual occlusion scanning(EXO)

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    The front-scan (unsegmented model)

      Double click scan software ‘UP3D DentalStation’ Create an order 3.Input the customer information and number in the corresponding option.After finishing this input,click the teeth number that w...

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    The multi-die scanning instructions

      the old scanner the same with previous operation but different model color. I Create an order ①Double click the icon on the desk ‘UP3D Dental’. ②Click the ‘create an order’ icon on the top left c...

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    Replace the light

      Remove the drawer First, top the drawer and pull it out Then put your fingers against the clips on both sides and remove the drawer Like this: After removing the drawer, use a cross s...

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    Replace the adaptor--更换对刀仪

    Remove right side cover and top cover,you can see the Y axis,loosen the two screws and take off the wires.    Loosen the screws inside,take off this part. Loosen the small screws to take off...

  • UP3D-Diny 已建立文章,

    Spindle running detection 主轴导通测试

      The preparatory work:(准备工作) A long electrically conductive wrench(一个长的导电扳手) P52\P5\P4: The operation steps are as follows:(操作步骤如下) Right click “UP3D Scan Calibrator” icon,then open the local fi...